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Football Pitches

Surface Renovations design and construct a wide range of football pitches using artificial grass. It is common to find a 5-a-side football pitch integrated into a MUGA - ie the MUGA may be used for tennis during the week and then simply converted into one or two 5-a-side football pitches for use during the weekends. We also offer bespoke lining and markings for football practise areas/pitches, such as the SupaSkills pitch shown below:

Football - SupaSkills

Surface Renovations only use the highest quality FIFA approved artificial grass to ensure your surfaces are of the highest possible quality, designed to replicate the colour, feel and performance of real grass and provide players with the perfect artificial surface on which to play.

Our weldmesh fencing can be adapted to fit the requirements of the football pitch with inset-goals at either end, staggered height fencing along the sides and ends of the pitch to allow for easy access to the pitch, chicane entrances, single and double leaf gates, benches for spectators, and a wide range of options to meet your requirements.

Additionally we provide floodlighting solutions, meaning you can make full use of your pitch all year round - we offer you a complete design, construction and maintenance solution to meet the exacting requirements of your football pitch.