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Athletics Tracks

If your athletics track is in need of renovation, repair or renewal we are one of the UK's leading track specialists in this area.
Athletics tracks are polymeric surfaces which are extremely durable to withstand constant spike use and varying climates. However, to ensure the surface remains in good condition and to give consistent performance they still require a modest degree of maintenance - the surface must be safe for athletes to run and jump on.

Track Cleaning

Our unique power washing system ensures that we not only clean your track, but can boast a deep clean which far exceeds the standards of other track cleaners. Our unique cleaning system uses 130 litres of water per minute with pressure up to 4500 p.s.i driven by a 6.8 litre V8 engine.

Re-texture Spray and Re-Lining

Over time your track may show signs of black coming through to the surface. To maintain the looks and performance (your IAAF licence may depend on it) you may need the track to be re-sprayed.
The results are a 'new track' without the expense and time of installing a new track top. We have many years experience of re-spraying tracks throughout the world to the very highest standards in the industry.
We also offer a re-lining service to compliment the re-spraying.

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